Actor Sprite Database

Actor sprite graphics are also used in decorations, spawners, and shards. Each actor sprite set contains between one and fifteen frames. Each frame can have a different size if needed.

“Unused” sprite sets are those that are never directly mentioned in the game, and which hold references to graphics data that is used in different sprites’ sets. These references do not occupy space in the game files themselves (aside from the 10-122 bytes each entry occupies in ACTRINFO.MNI).

A few sprites are noted as containing “identical data,” which is an instance where two different sprite frames point to two different offsets in ACTORS.MNI but both read the same data. The redundant graphics data could have been removed, and the offsets fixed up, without visibly affecting anything other than group file size.

Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
224x24x4Jump Pad
315x2Arrow Piston (extends west)
415x2Arrow Piston (extends east)
522x22x2Fireball Projectile
622x22x2Unused (references fireball projectile)
723x23x1Blue Head Switch
823x23x1Red Head Switch
923x23x1Green Head Switch
1023x23x1Yellow Head Switch
1113x5Blue Locked Door
1213x5Red Locked Door
1313x5Green Locked Door
1413x5Yellow Locked Door
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
1543x33x33x33x3Decoration: Sparkles after prize is picked up
1634x24x24x1Jump Pad Robot
1724x44x2Floor Spikes
1824x44x2Floor Spikes
1941x11x11x11x1Decoration: Scooter exhaust smoke
2026x66x6Large Circular Saw Blade
2162x22x22x22x22x22x2Decoration: Debris after actor is pounced (frames 1/5 and 2/4 have identical data)
2282x22x22x22x22x22x22x22x2Unused (references decoration sprite 23)
2382x22x22x22x22x22x22x22x2Decoration: Sparkle on shiny prizes
2442x42x32x32x3Armed Bomb
2543x33x33x33x3Hopping Cabbage Creature
2711x1Decoration: Raindrop
2863x23x23x23x23x23x2Power-Up Module
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
3041x41x41x41x4Barrel Shards
3112x2Unused (references green tomato)
3212x2Green Tomato
3312x2Unused (references red tomato)
3412x2Red Tomato
3512x2Unused (references yellow/teal striped pear)
3612x2Yellow/Teal Striped Pear
3712x3Unused (references teal onion)
3812x3Teal Onion
3914x4Exit Sign
4012x9Unused (references spear)
4272x22x22x22x22x22x22x2Unused (references green liquid leak)
4372x22x22x22x22x22x22x2Green Liquid Leak
4423x33x3Flying Wisp Creature
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
4551x11x21x41x83x3“Two Tons” Crusher (spring in frames 0-3, weight in frame 4)
4612x2Jumping Bullet Creature
4724x44x4Stone Head Crusher
4813x2Unused (references pyramid spike)
4913x2Pyramid Spike
5083x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x3Unused (references ghost)
5242x22x22x22x2Unused (references floating moon)
5342x22x22x22x2Unused (references floating moon)
5442x22x22x22x2Floating Moon
5532x24x32x3Red Heart Plant
5612x3Unused (references idle bomb)
5712x3Idle Bomb
5814x2Unused (references foot switch)
5914x2Unused (references foot switch)
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
6014x2Foot Switch
6112x2Unused (references question mark block)
6212x2Question Mark Block
6314x3Bent Floor Spikes
6493x93x93x93x13x13x11x61x61x6Monument (actor in frames 0-2, shards in frames 3-8)
6522x22x2Jumping Baby Ghost
6621x11x1Unused (references flashing ball projectile)
6721x11x1Unused (references flashing ball projectile)
6821x11x1Flashing Ball Projectile
6983x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x3Flying Roamer Slug
7011x1Up Arrow (pipe system)
7111x1Down Arrow (pipe system)
7211x1Left Arrow (pipe system)
7311x1Right Arrow (pipe system)
7432x32x32x3Unused (references baby ghost egg)
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
7532x32x32x3Baby Ghost Egg
7611x2Shard: Baby ghost egg #1
7711x2Shard: Baby ghost egg #2
7822x32x3Sharp Spike Robot (floor type)
7943x23x21x11x1Fountain (head in frames 0-1, column in frames 2-3)
8022x32x3Sharp Spike Robot (ceiling type)
8113x2Unused (references hamburger)
8353x33x33x33x33x3Clam Plant
8413x3Unused (references purple grapes)
8513x3Purple Grapes
86113x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x3Blue Ball/Parachute Creature (normal in frames 0-7, parachuting in frames 8-10)
8724x42x4Wall Spikes (pointing east)
8824x42x4Wall Spikes (pointing east)
8914x4Wall Spikes (pointing west)
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
9083x23x21x11x11x11x11x11x1Electric Beam Robot (robot in frames 0-1, beam in frames 2-7)
9134x22x22x2Blue/Green Splitting Block
9323x33x3Unused (references dancing mushroom)
9423x33x3Dancing Mushroom
9562x22x22x22x22x22x2Eye Plant
9663x33x33x33x33x33x3Unused (references decoration sprite 97)
9763x33x33x33x33x33x3Decoration: Smoke
9864x34x34x34x34x34x3Decoration: Large Smoke
9952x22x22x22x22x2Decoration: Sparkle on slippery surfaces (frames 0/4 and 1/3 have identical data)
10065x85x85x85x85x85x8Unused (references red jumper creature)
10165x85x85x85x85x85x8Red Jumper Creature
10267x47x35x35x35x37x3Boss (ship in frames 0-1, creature in frames 2-5)
10353x33x33x33x33x3Unused (references pipe system inlet/outlet)
10453x33x33x33x33x3Unused (references pipe system inlet/outlet)
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
10553x33x33x33x33x3Pipe System Inlet/Outlet (pipe in frames 0 and 4, suction animation in frames 1-3)
106103x43x43x43x43x43x43x43x43x43x4Suction Feet Creature
10735x55x25x2Transporter (whole unit in frame 0, globes/spark in frames 1-2)
10835x55x25x2Transporter (whole unit in frame 0, globes/spark in frames 1-2)
10934x34x34x3Unused (references east-facing spitting wall plant)
11034x34x34x3Unused (references east-facing spitting wall plant)
11134x34x34x3Spitting Wall Plant (facing east)
11234x34x34x3Spitting Wall Plant (facing west)
113154x34x34x34x34x34x33x33x33x34x34x34x34x34x34x3Spitting Turret Creature
115113x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x3Unused (references red chomper creature)
116113x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x3Unused (references red chomper creature)
117113x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x3Unused (references red chomper creature)
118113x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x33x3Red Chomper Creature
11931x11x11x1Unused (references vertical force field beam)
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
12031x11x11x1Unused (references vertical force field beam)
12131x11x11x1Unused (references vertical force field beam)
12231x11x11x1Force Field Beam (vertical)
12331x11x11x1Force Field Beam (horizontal)
12463x34x33x33x34x33x3Pink Worm
12572x22x32x32x32x22x22x2Hint Globe (globe in frames 0 and 4-6, stalk in frames 1-3)
12664x44x44x44x44x44x4Translucent Pusher Robot
12793x43x43x43x43x43x43x43x53x5Sentry Robot
12894x24x14x14x14x14x14x14x14x1Pink Worm Goo
13014x3Worm Crate
13171x12x11x21x12x11x13x1Shards: Worm Crate
13211x1Shard: Baby ghost egg #3
13311x1Shard: Baby ghost egg #4
13412x4Orange Bottled Drink
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
13512x3Gourd (green with red spots)
13612x3Blue Stacked Spheres
13713x2Green Pod
13813x2Green Pea Pile
13913x3Three-Fingered Yellow/Cyan Fruit
14013x3Yellow Horn
14113x3Blue Vine/Red Berries
142110x5Unused (references satellite)
14483x23x31x42x44x23x24x13x1Shards: Satellite
14542x92x92x92x9Ivy Plant
14612x3Green Vine/Yellow Fruit
14855x45x33x23x23x2Unused (references west-facing exit monster)
14955x45x33x23x23x2Exit Monster (facing west, jaws in frames 0-1, tongue in frames 2-4)
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
15062x22x22x22x22x22x2Unused (references small flame)
15162x22x22x22x22x22x2Small Flame
15237x47x57x6Tulip Launcher Plant
15342x22x22x22x2Rotating Red/Green Ornament
15452x22x22x22x22x2Blue Crystal
15562x22x22x22x22x22x2Red Crystal
15633x23x23x2Unused (references bear trap)
15733x23x23x2Unused (references bear trap)
15833x23x23x2Unused (references bear trap)
15933x23x23x2Unused (references bear trap)
16033x23x23x2Unused (references bear trap)
16133x23x23x2Unused (references bear trap)
16233x23x23x2Bear Trap
16332x21x21x2Falling Floor Block (block in frame 0, shards in frames 1-2)
16412x3Red/Pink Root (never visible under normal circumstances)
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
16512x3Unused (references red/pink root)
16612x3Unused (references red/pink root)
16712x3Unused (references red/pink root)
16812x3Red/Pink Root
16913x2Unused (references red berries/green vine)
17013x2Red Berries/Green Vine
17113x3Unused (references red/yellow gourd)
17213x3Gourd (red with yellow spots)
17352x22x22x22x22x2Unused (references green emerald)
17452x22x22x22x22x2Green Emerald
17543x23x23x23x2Unused (references transparent diamond)
17643x23x23x23x2Transparent Diamond
17722x12x1Floating Score (100)
17822x12x1Floating Score (200)
17922x12x1Floating Score (400)
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
18022x12x1Floating Score (800)
18122x12x1Floating Score (1,600)
18223x13x1Floating Score (3,200)
18323x13x1Floating Score (6,400)
18423x13x1Floating Score (12,800)
18541x31x31x31x3Shards: Basket
18696x76x76x76x76x72x32x32x32x3Exit Plant (body in frames 0-4, tongue in frames 5-8)
18783x23x23x23x23x23x23x23x2Blue Bird
18863x61x61x61x63x63x6Rocket (rocket in frame 0, shards in frames 1-3, exhaust in frames 4-5)
18943x33x33x33x3Invincibility Cube
19025x11x1Unused (references pedestal)
19125x11x1Unused (references pedestal)
19225x11x1Pedestal (platform in frame 0, pole in frame 1)
19313x2Unused (references cyan/white diamond)
19413x2Cyan/White Diamond
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
19512x2Unused (references red berry diamond)
19612x2Red Berry Diamond
19712x2Unused (references gray octahedron)
19812x2Gray Octahedron
19912x2Unused (references blue emerald/yellow diamond)
20012x2Blue Emerald/Yellow Diamond
20135x75x75x7Invincibility Sphere
20242x32x32x32x3Rocket Thruster
20313x2Unused (references headphones)
20413x2Unused (references headphones)
20513x2Unused (references headphones)
20613x2Unused (references headphones)
20713x2Unused (references headphones)
20813x2Unused (references headphones)
20913x2Unused (references headphones)
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
21013x2Unused (references headphones)
21113x2Unused (references headphones)
21213x2Unused (references headphones)
21313x2Unused (references headphones)
21413x2Unused (references headphones)
21513x2Unused (references headphones)
21613x2Unused (references headphones)
21713x2Unused (references headphones)
21813x2Unused (references headphones)
21913x2Unused (references headphones)
221125x73x53x53x53x63x65x11x32x32x31x35x1Duke (frozen character in frame 0, character in frames 1-3, jetpack exhaust in frames 4-5, ice shards in frames 6-11)
22255x45x45x45x45x4Speech Bubbles: Fell off map (0: Yikes! 1: Oh no! 2: Yeow! 3: Uh Oh! 4: Mommy!)
22312x2Three Small Bananas
22412x2Unused (references red leafy vegetable)
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
22512x2Unused (references red leafy vegetable)
22612x2Red Leafy Vegetable
22712x2Unused (references brown pear)
22812x2Unused (references brown pear)
22912x2Brown Pear
23012x2Unused (references candy corn)
23112x2Unused (references candy corn)
23212x2Candy Corn
23342x22x22x42x4Intermittent Flame (extends west)
23442x22x22x42x4Intermittent Flame (extends east)
23515x4Speech Bubble: Ouch!
23672x22x22x22x22x22x22x2Unused (references red liquid leak)
23772x22x22x22x22x22x22x2Red Liquid Leak
23815x4Unused (references speech bubble sprite 244)
23915x4Unused (references speech bubble sprite 244)
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
24015x4Unused (references speech bubble sprite 244)
24115x4Unused (references speech bubble sprite 244)
24215x4Unused (references speech bubble sprite 244)
24315x4Unused (references speech bubble sprite 244)
24415x4Speech Bubble: Whoa!
24515x4Speech Bubble: Umph!
24615x4Speech Bubble: Wow! 50,000 points!
24729x86x8E1L11 Exit Monster (facing north)
24813x3Unused (identical data from hopping cabbage creature’s zeroth frame)
24913x3Unused (references sprite 248)
25013x3Unused (references sprite 248)
25113x3Unused (references sprite 248)
25214x2Unused (references “demo” overlay message)
25314x2Unused (references “demo” overlay message)
25414x2Unused (references “demo” overlay message)
Sprite TypeFramesWidth x Height of Each Frame (0-14)Description
25514x2Unused (references “demo” overlay message)
25614x2Unused (references “demo” overlay message)
25714x2Unused (references “demo” overlay message)
25814x2Unused (references “demo” overlay message)
25914x2Unused (references “demo” overlay message)
26014x2Unused (references “demo” overlay message)
26114x2Unused (references “demo” overlay message)
26214x2Unused (references “demo” overlay message)
26314x2Unused (references “demo” overlay message)
26414x2Unused (references “demo” overlay message)
26514x2Unused (references “demo” overlay message)
26614x2“DEMO” Overlay Message