Unused Actors

There are a number of actor types that the game accepts and appears to implement (to varying degrees), but for whatever reason they do not appear in any of the original map files or as in-game spawners.

Completely Unused

There does not appear to be a way to get any of these actor types to occur naturally in an unmodified copy of the game.

Actor TypeDescriptionUsabilityNotes
0Basket (contains nothing)BuggyThe implementation suggests that this should spawn another actor of type 0, in essence yielding a fresh copy of itself. Instead it does nothing because spawner type 0 is used to mark a spawner slot as being inactive, therefore it never runs to the point where a new actor is created.
22Large Circular Saw Blade (moves horizontally)FunctionalWorks like Large Circular Saw Blade (moves vertically).
40Spear (stationary)FunctionalWorks like Spear (moves vertically), but remains stationary in the retracted position.
53Basket (contains blue stacked spheres)FunctionalBasket is not used, although its contents – Blue Stacked Spheres – are.
58Barrel (contains jump pad)BuggyCorrectly spawns a Jump Pad (floor mounted). The spawn animation generally always ends with the object off the top edge of the screen, so the resulting actor is created out of view. Because Jump Pad actors do not have the “always active” flag set, gravity does not affect the off-screen actor and it does not fall back to the floor. If it scrolls into view later, it will begin falling to the floor then. After that, the new Jump Pad works as expected.
84Clam Plant (ceiling mounted)FunctionalWorks like its floor mounted counterpart.
93Basket (contains dancing mushroom)FunctionalBasket is not used, although its contents – Dancing Mushroom – are.
100Barrel (contains two-pounce hopping cabbage creature)FunctionalBarrel is not used, nor are its contents – Hopping Cabbage Creature (takes two pounces).
116Basket (contains three-fingered yellow/cyan fruit)FunctionalBasket is not used, although its contents – Three-Fingered Yellow/Cyan Fruit – are.
142Barrel (contains orange bottled drink)FunctionalBarrel is not used, although its contents – Orange Bottled Drink – are.
171Basket (contains red with yellow spots gourd)FunctionalBasket is not used, although its contents – Gourd (red with yellow spots) – are.
183Floating Score (6,400)FunctionalWorks like all other Floating Scores. Although there are a handful of actor types that award 6,400 points when bombed, none of them create a Floating Score.
251Hopping Cabbage Creature (takes two pounces)BuggyWorks like Hopping Cabbage Creature (takes one pounce), however the “always active” flag is set. This is appropriate when hidden inside a barrel, but probably not for direct inclusion in a map – the actor will continually hop towards the player’s location until it either gets stuck in a corner or falls off the map long before the player encounters the location where it was originally placed.
256Hint Globe (#19)BuggyNone of the episodes implement Hint Globe (#19). When the player touches any unimplemented Hint Globe, the notification sound plays, gameplay pauses for a short time, no text window is displayed and then gameplay resumes.
257Hint Globe (#20)BuggySame as Hint Globe (#19).
258Hint Globe (#21)BuggySame as Hint Globe (#19).
259Hint Globe (#22)BuggySame as Hint Globe (#19).
260Hint Globe (#23)BuggySame as Hint Globe (#19).
261Hint Globe (#24)BuggySame as Hint Globe (#19).
262Hint Globe (#25)BuggySame as Hint Globe (#19).

Only Appear in Barrels/Baskets

These actor types can appear in the game as the result of destroying a Barrel or Basket, but never directly appear in any of the original map files.

Actor TypeDescription
38Teal Onion
140Yellow Horn
153Rotating Red/Green Ornament
226Red Leafy Vegetable (on floor)
229Brown Pear (on floor)
232Candy Corn (on floor)