Backdrop Database

This page contains a list of all backdrops alongside the maps that each one appears on.

IDNameDescriptionPresent on Maps
0BDBLANK(not present in any group files)
1BDPIPEDark gray pipes on black background.B5, C5
2BDREDSKY(not present in any group files)
3BDROCKTKTech devices mounted to rock, with magenta highlights for color animation effect.A7
4BDJUNGLEJungle vines with large magenta areas for explosion effect.C1
5BDSTAR(not present in any group files)
6BDWIERDMolecules or neurons.A11, B1
7BDCAVECave with stalactites and stalagmites.B6
8BDICEDiagonal ice spires, with magenta stars for twinkling effect.B7
9BDSHRUMMushrooms at night, with magenta stars for twinkling effect.B3, B4
10BDTECHMSPanels with dense conduit, and magenta areas for lighting effect.C6, C7
11BDNEWSKYBrown mountains and blue sky.A1, A2
12BDSTAR2Small bonus stage stars.BONUS1, BONUS4, BONUS5
13BDSTAR3Large bonus stage stars.BONUS2, BONUS3, BONUS6
14BDFORESTDense, tall trees.A3
15BDMOUNTNGray and blue mountains and teal sky.A9, B9
16BDGUTSVarious internal organs.B2, C2
17BDBRKTECBlue bricks and conduit.C8
18BDCLOUDSClouds in blue sky.A8
19BDFUTCTYCity skyscrapers at night, with magenta stars for twinkling effect.C9, C10
20BDICE2Ice cavern.A6
21BDCLIFFBrown dirt with roots.A5, A10
22BDSPOOKYScraggy trees with magenta background for lightning effect.A4
23BDCRYSTLBlue and transparent crystals on black background.B8, C4
24BDCIRCUTPanels connected with conduit.B10
25BDCIRCPCA fairly accurate rendering of a printed circuit board.C3