Music Database

This page contains a list of all pieces of music alongside the maps that each one appears on.

MBOSS is not directly used by any of the maps, but it does play during the game when a boss actor becomes active.

IDNameDescriptionDuration (Min:Sec)AdLib WritesPresent on Maps
0MCAVES“Caves”1:09.9954,270A6, A11, B1, B8
1MSCARRY“Scarry”1:53.3834,253B2, B10, C2
3MRUNAWAY“Run Away”0:49.9052,723A4, B9
4MCIRCUS“Circus”0:29.3751,814BONUS5, BONUS6
5MTEKWRD“Tek World”0:53.5206,481B7
6MEASYLEV“Easy Level”0:51.8343,542C1
7MROCKIT“Rock It”0:45.4694,586C4
8MHAPPY“Just About Going Wacky”0:49.7253,962A1, A2
9MDEVO“Devo”0:58.7296,446A7, A8, C6
10MDADODA“Da Do Da”1:28.2955,942BONUS1, BONUS2
11MBELLS“Bells”0:46.9443,571B3, B4
13MBANJO“Cosmo’s Foggy Cosmic Breakdown”0:51.8143,659BONUS3, BONUS4
14MEASY2“Easy 2”1:15.6365,265A9, B6
15MTECK2“Teck 2”0:50.4603,743C5, C7
16MTECK3“Teck 3”0:52.5924,519C8, C9, C10
17MTECK4“Teck 4”0:54.9903,727A5, B5, C3
18MZZTOPRendition of “Tush” by ZZ Top.1:09.9456,288A10