Palette Animation Database

Some maps utilize palette-based animation effects. These animations work by replacing color number 5 in the EGA palette (usually a dark magenta by default) with a different color. Anything drawn in color 5 anywhere on the screen – regardless of what it is – has its display color replaced by these animations.

0No color replacements.
1Random: Lightning with thunder sound effect.
2Ping-Pong: Red, bright red, bright yellow, bright white.
3Loop: Black, red, bright red, red, black, green, bright green, green, black, blue, bright blue, blue.
4Ping-Pong: Black, bright black, white, bright white.
5Loop: Bright white, red, bright magenta.
6Normal: Black. During Explosions: Alternate bright white, bright yellow, black. Only implemented in the third episode.