Full-Screen Image Database

This page contains a list of all full-screen images.

TITLEx and ENDx are somewhat special. The IDs are the same in all three episodes of the game, but the names vary (“x” is replaced with the episode’s number). This is represented in the table as a single row, with all three variants in the “Description” column.

0PRETITLE“Apogee Software Productions Presents - Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure”

TITLE1: “Forbidden Planet - Adventure 1 of 3”

TITLE2: “Forbidden Planet - Adventure 2 of 3”

TITLE3: “Forbidden Planet - Adventure 3 of 3”

3BONUS“Bonus Stage - Get Ready!”

END1: Cosmo falling toward creature.

END2: Cosmo overlooking a city at night.

END3: Cosmo on a roller coaster with other children.

5ONEMOMNT“One Moment”