Cartoon Sprite Database

There is only one sprite type defined for all cartoons. Individual cartoon images are stored as frames of this single sprite type.

Frame number 1 contains a smaller, lower-resolution copy of the family’s ship from frame 0. This is never shown at any time in any episode.

Sprite TypeFrame NumberWidth x HeightDescription
0014x5Family’s ship, large view.
019x4Family’s ship, small view.
0210x5Family viewed from outside ship’s windows.
038x4Side view of family’s ship speeding along.
048x4Blazing comet.
0512x4Family’s ship, “kapow”’d by comet.
069x8Family’s ship, damaged, heading toward planet.
0718x6Cosmo’s dad working on ship; Cosmo walking away.
087x6Cosmo sitting on a rock, holding some device.
0913x6Cosmo looking at large footprints.
01013x15Cosmo imagining an encounter with a huge monster.
0119x8Family’s ship leaving planet.
01210x8Family’s ship hovering over Earth.
01312x10Family at Disney World; child says “Look Ma! New Disney characters!”
0146x3Visa logo.
0156x3MasterCard logo.
0166x11Cosmo, chomped by episode 1 cliffhanger creature.
0177x9Large yellow question mark on red background.
01815x13Episode 3 boss in pain, surrounded by explosions.
0198x10Zonk talking to Cosmo.
0206x7Family reunited and hugging.
02110x9Cosmo leaping through episode 2 cave ceiling.