Cartoon Sprite Database

There is only one sprite type defined for all cartoons. Individual cartoon images are stored as frames of this single sprite type.

Frame number 1 contains a smaller, lower-resolution copy of the family’s ship from frame 0. This is never shown at any time in any episode.

Sprite TypeFrame NumberWidth×HeightDescription
0014×5Family’s ship, large view.
019×4Family’s ship, small view.
0210×5Family viewed from outside ship’s windows.
038×4Side view of family’s ship speeding along.
048×4Blazing comet.
0512×4Family’s ship, “kapow”’d by comet.
069×8Family’s ship, damaged, heading toward planet.
0718×6Cosmo’s dad working on ship; Cosmo walking away.
087×6Cosmo sitting on a rock, holding some device.
0913×6Cosmo looking at large footprints.
01013×15Cosmo imagining an encounter with a huge monster.
0119×8Family’s ship leaving planet.
01210×8Family’s ship hovering over Earth.
01312×10Family at Disney World; child says “Look Ma! New Disney characters!”
0146×3Visa logo.
0156×3MasterCard logo.
0166×11Cosmo, chomped by episode 1 cliffhanger creature.
0177×9Large yellow question mark on red background.
01815×13Episode 3 boss in pain, surrounded by explosions.
0198×10Zonk talking to Cosmo.
0206×7Family reunited and hugging.
02110×9Cosmo leaping through episode 2 cave ceiling.